Here We GO...
Please Forgive ME

Live Love Laugh
Peace Land Bread
No Strings Attached
Wide Open Throttle
Liberty Equality Fraternity
If I had a Hammer
Duty Honor Country
Not To Worry
If I had a Song
Please Don't Litter
Drugs Sex and Rock'n Roll
Peter Paul and Mary
See Rock City
Animal Vegetable Mineral
At Bat, On Deck, In the Hole
Head Over Heels
Do Not Disturb
No Ifs Ands or Buts
Might Makes Right
Ho! Ho! Ho!

Foor For Thought
Name That Tune
World Wide Web

Hard Content Knowledge
What's My Line
Hop Skip and Jump

Feed My Sheep
Sing A Long
Stop Look and Listen

See Rock City
Trick Or Treat
Stop Drop and Roll

Reduce Reuse Recycle
For Goodness Sake
Hook Line and Sinker
Go To Hell
Lock Stock and Barrel
Let It Be
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service
Never Never Land
Spread the Word
Going Going Gone
Praise the Lord
Yea Sewanee's Right
Take It Easy
That's All Folks
See You Later
Girls Gone Wild
How Are You?
Saturday Night Live
I am Fine
Madison Square Garden
Go For It
Please Forgive Me
Bring It On
Practice Makes Perfect
Let It Rip
Food For Thought
Rest In Peace
You Blew It
Be At Peace
Intensive Care Unit
Location Location Location
Sad But True
Three Point Turn
Life after Death
Rock Paper Scissors
Peek A Boo
Would've Should've Could've
Roses Are Red
Skies Boots and Poles
Violets Are Blue
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe

Sugar Is Sweet
The Tin man The Lion and The Scarecrow

Ask Knock Seek
Granted Three Wishes
Heaven Only Knows
Five Four and a Door
Watch Your Step
One A Day
To Be Continued...
Oh My Gosh!!!

Great Litter-ature, PR Juggling, Don't You Carrot All?

P.   Per pet u al ly
R.   Re sound ing
Walter   Why.....?